Viteris Technologies was founded by three mechanical engineers with a combined 65 years of experience in machine design, system integration, automation, software development and manufacturing. The company was formed specifically to tackle interesting and difficult projects beyond the scope and capabilities of most system integrators. We thrive on complex projects where a deep understanding of the physical sciences is required to solve difficult engineering problems with practical robust solutions.

Viteris offers custom machine design and fabrication. We specialize in high precision machines, often combining multiple functions typically performed by several machines into one compact efficient design. We are particularly strong in Micro-EDM, offering standard machines for wire and sinker as well as custom designs. We are capable of designing almost any complex electro-mechanical system and we have the experience, education and talent to quickly grasp difficult concepts to ensure the job is done right.



News Updates

05/2014 - ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) takes delivery of VHMC01 - the world's first hybrid machining center for highly radioactive materials

09/2014 - Hotlab 2014 conference in Baden (Switzerland) will introduce complex micromachining capabilities (VHMC01) to the nuclear research community

Micro-EDM SAmples
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