Hybrid Micro-Machines

Viteris Technologies has the expertise to combine multiple manufacturing processes into a single machine. These hybrid machines allow complex work pieces to be machined without changing the setup, resulting in faster overall machining times and increased accuracies. In addition, the uniform user interface will greatly shorten the learning period required for machine operators to become familiar with different processes.

Furthermore, we can design and build equipment that can be operated in non-standard environments. An example is VHMC01, which prepares material test specimen from highly radioactive macterials. As such, the machine not only must be capable to withstand the effects of high gamma radiation, it also must be capable of being operated and maintained remotely using master-slave manipulators.

4-Axis Hybrid Machining Center (VHMC01) - Radiation hardened

VHMC01 is a hybrid machining center designed and built for the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) to prepare test specimen for mechanical testing of highly radioactive materials inside a hotcell. VHMC01 combines high-speed milling with micro-wire electrical discharge machining (mWEDM) in a single machine. The machine features an extremely small footprint (900 x 900 mm = 35.4 x 35.4 in) and low machine height (1400 mm = 55 in) to allow it to be placed inside a hotcell to shield the operator from gamma radiation. More
4-Axis hybrid machining center (VHMC01)
  VHMC01 - Radiation hardened 4-axis machining center


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