Machine Accessories

Viteris Technologies specializes in customizing micro machine tools with additional features that greatly enhance system capabilities

Rotary Axis

The 3rd axis of the MW250 micro-wire EDM machine is mounted inside the work tank. This friction-based, direct-drive rotary axis is fully submersible and allows the work piece to be rotated continuously 20 rpm max) in both clock- as well as counter-clockwise directions. Owing to its friction-based drive system, the axis is completely free of backlash and is able to hold a stationary position in a power-off mode. This eliminates servo dither as well as heat generation. The direct rotary encoder provides the angular position with a resolution of 5.5 arc-sec (0.0015 deg). At this resolution, servoing of the rotary axis with a linear resolution of 0.001 mm (0.00004”) is achievable at work piece diameters of up to 75 mm (3.0”).

On-Machine High-Mag Optical System

A high-magnification video system is mounted on a focusing stage parallel to the EDM wire. The system has an adjustable zoom that ranges from 2.45 to 15.75X. Together with the 1/2” sensor of the USB camera, the system delivers a field of view ranging from 3.26 to 0.5 mm at a working distance of 92 mm. The system provides a live video stream to the control interface and can be used to perform measurements at the micron-level as well as perform work piece setup functions. The attached camera has user selectable parameters such as exposure time and gain as well as a digital crosshair with user selectable color. The video stream allows images to be captured and stored to the machine hard drive as bitmaps. The coaxial LED illuminator has 7 levels of illumination that can be set from within the control software.

Advanced User Interface

The control module is mounted to the outside of the hotcell with a swing arm that allows the user to orient the module freely. It features a 19” touchscreen and a full-size keyboard with integrated trackball. Critical machine functions such as cycle start/stop, power on/off, and emergency stop are handled by hardware buttons.
Not shown in the picture is a removable CNC pendant with magnetic backing and 3 m (10 ft) of coiled cabeling. The pendendant has a jog wheel to move any of the 4-axis in switch-selectable increments. Furthermore, pressing one of the two dedicated jog buttons allows for continuous jogging at a switch-selectable jog speed. For additional safety, the pendant is also equipped with an emergency stop button.
Control Panel
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