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President and Principal Engineer – Eberhard Bamberg PhD is a part-time member of the research faculty in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah and the director of the Precision Design Laboratory. He received his MSc from Brunel University, Uxbridge, United Kingdom, in 1993, and his Dipl-Ing from the University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart Germany, in 1996 in mechanical engineering. He earned his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2000 in the area of precision design. Dr. Bamberg has taught several courses in the area of design and manufacturing, and his research interests include precision engineering, novel micro- and mesolevel manufacturing technologies, nontraditional machining techniques for semiconductors, and optical instrumentation. He has graduated over 30 Masters and PhD students and published more than 40 technical articles in the area of design and manufacturing. Based on his research he also has 4 issued and 7 pending US Patents. He serves as a reviewer for various funding agencies as well as numerous scientific journals in the areas of design and manufacturing.

Principal Engineer - David Bennett is a senior engineer with a range of experience in mechanical, electrical, and controls design. As a partner in a research and development company David served as the VP of product development. Products developed included precision nano positioning stages for semiconductor inspection and for R&D of next generation organic transistors. Other products included multi-axis assembly equipment for the photonics market. As an independent contractor he developed a fully automated ultra-high precision laboratory grade machine for qualifying digital variable reluctance sensors used in the automotive industry. Prior to this, David worked for a large OEM machine builder. There he gained valuable experience in working with electro-mechanical systems. He developed state-machine controls and operator interfaces. He developed an algorithm that greatly improved servo response for large hydraulic equipment. While employed at General Dynamics he developed self correcting 6-DOF force feedback robotic algorithms which were implemented into fully automated drilling and routing work cells. David received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University in 1989 with emphasis in controls.

Principal Engineer - Steve Sorensen PhD received his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University in 1989.  He specialized in manufacturing technologies and robotics.  From 1989-1991 he was an associate professor at BYU.  He then co-founded Cimetrix Inc., a supplier of manufacturing software to OEMs of automated manufacturing equipment were he served as Chief Technical Officer.  In this capacity he developed products and provided consulting services with companies such as Fuji Machine, Philips/Assembleon, Universal Instruments, Seiko Robotics, Yamaha, Siemens, GM, and Motorola.  He left Cimetrix in 2005 when he purchased Newonics Inc.


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