Micro-Sinker EDM Machines

Viteris Technologies specializes in small micro-EDM products that can be customized according to individual customer needs. VMM01 is a highly customizable micro-sinker EDM machine capacble of micro-drilling and EDM milling.

Micro-Sinker EDM (VMM01-XXX)

VMM01 is an advanced 3-axis micro-sinker EDM machine designed specifically for micro-drilling and EDM micromilling. The electrode system utilizes an ultra-precision PCD double-V bearing system to accept either solid tungsten electrodes (3-6.35 mm diameter (0.118-0.25")) or smaller tungsten rods (0.125-1mm diameter (0.005-0.04")) that are held in an EDM spindle featuring a high-precision collet closer.
As an EDM micro-drill, VMM01 is capable of drilling micro-holes as small as 0.01 mm (0.0004"). This is achieved with tungsten electrodes that are 0.008 mm (0.0003") in diameter. Electrodes are ground to size either externally using a diamond wheel or by using the on-machine WEDG electrode grinder (optional).
The advanced EDM control system is G-Code based, fully 3-D enabled, and has built-in canned cycles for deep hole drilling that feature electrode orbiting and feed oscillation for improved flushing and hole quality.
The work volume of VMM01 is customizable per customer request. Please call or send an email to inquiries@viteris.com to speak to an engineer about your specific requirements.



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