Micro-Wire EDM Machines

Viteris Technologies specializes in small micro-EDM products that can be customized according to individual customer needs. MW250 is an example where a submersible rotary axis is mounted inside the work tank to allow the work piece to be rotated continously or in freely programmable steps about the X-axis.

Micro-wire EDM (MW250)

MW250 is a high-precision micro wire EDM machine with a highly flexible wire management system. Utilizing open V-groove wire guides and a takeup spool onto for the used wire, EDM wires ranging from 0.01 to 0.1 mm (0.0004 - 0.004”) can be used without changes to the machine. The wire is set up in a vertical arrangement that facilitates vibration-free self-flushing induced by the heat of the EDM process. The X- and Y-axes with a travel of 250 mm (9.84”) have a linear resolution of 0.0001 mm (0.000004 in) to allow the precise servoing required for micro-EDM. The machine uses a RC-based discharge generator that was specifically designed for wire-EDM with extremely small wire diameters. More


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